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mideerChildren's Assembled Wooden Multifunctional Building Blocks diyCreative construction toys steam puzzle enlightenment

Product parameters

  • Toy material: wooden
  • Applicable age: children(3-6岁)
  • Specification: 26.5*18*31.4
  • Packing: color box
  • 3Cconfiguration category: 14Wooden toys for children under the age of


RM 139.00
Picture of (Upgraded Version)Mr Toys 28pcs Physics Experiment Kits

(Upgraded Version)Mr Toys 28pcs Physics Experiment Kits

Mr Toys Children's Steam Science Experiment Kit - 28 Physics Experiment Kits

Applicable age: 6 years old - 12 years old

Give kids physics knowledge with daily games

Kids naturally love physics because it's endlessly fascinating, accessible, relevant, and fun. Learn about physics and how it can be incorporated into your child's everyday learning.


When you think of physics, you might picture a professor or scientist calculating complex formulas, or scribbling notes on paper, but at its most basic level, physics is a subject that will forever fascinate, understand and teach children related disciplines.


Teach kids physics

Children are natural physicists. When they jump off a play device, dangle from a tree, or topple a block structure, they learn about the world through play. Add some simple physical activities and you can enrich your child's learning, especially when you use the following teaching methods to learn:


Be genuinely curious. Ask questions, find interesting problems to solve.

Avoid dry, lengthy explanations. Find out what your child knows and wants to know.

Use simple, everyday materials and relevant experiences.


Contains product safety testing and certification, keep children's enthusiasm for learning from the Steam physics experiment box

RM 169.00