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    American scientist Dr. Sperry found that the functions of the two hemispheres of the human brain are highly specialized, with a clear division of labor. The functions of each hemisphere are independent, complete, and cooperate with each other. Art activities based on image thinking are mainly dominated by the right hemisphere of the brain. Art education for young children will help their brains to be healthy, coordinate development and develop the potential of the right hemisphere of the brain. The right brain is fully developed in the early stage, which can balance and coordinate with the large increase in learning tasks of logical thinking processing in the future and stimulate the rapid development of left brain function; it also lays a good foundation for the continuous development of right brain function after school. Early childhood is the period of the fastest brain development. If you only pay attention to teaching them literacy and calculation during this period, but do not pay attention to the cultivation of their visual-spatial ability, it will hinder the development of their right hemisphere of the brain. And if more children are properly allowed to participate in artistic creation activities, it will promote the sound development of their brain. In early childhood, the brain is in the process of development. At this time, novel and bright information stimulation is needed to develop intelligence, and to prevent and avoid fatigue. Art creation has the advantages of both, and it has a special effect on the development and growth of children. significance. The function of art education is overall. Although it mainly acts on the right brain, it is not limited to the right brain. The spatial perception and intuitive thinking ability it cultivates are not only necessary for intelligent and sound people, but also have a positive effect on the language function of the left brain. enhancement. Therefore, the special significance of art education is that it is conducive to the comprehensive development of brain potential.
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    Handmade can exercise children's hands-on ability, and can also cultivate children's concentration and creativity. Handmade can cultivate children's self-confidence, observation, creativity, hands-on ability, thinking development, perception ability, joy of life and so on. Improve children's comprehensive ability level. Completing a handmade work independently is a test for children, because it cultivates children's coordination and comprehensive abilities. Do you know how much influence do handicrafts have on children? Children of almost all ages like to do handicrafts. What are the benefits of doing handicrafts for children? Doing handwork can not only improve children's hands-on ability, but also exercise children's self-development ability. The brain benefits of children doing manual work How much do children know about handicrafts? First, manual activities are a way for us to explore knowledge and promote brain development. The more we do, the more we can learn. Second, handwork can bring children the exercise of fine motor ability, that is, the unified coordination of thinking consciousness and muscle movement. Third, it is not only the role of the physical level, manual activities are more important to people's comprehensive ability and mental health. Manual activities can cultivate children's observation, creativity and imagination. Children will gradually develop the habit of carefully observing the surrounding things in the process of manual work, and grasp the characteristics of things more and more accurately. Children's manual activities from imitation to creation are the process of continuous improvement of creativity. In the process of observing real things and creating imaginary things, the connections in children's minds are enriched, and creativity is born from this.
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    Picture of Mr Toys DIY Photo Frame Drawing

    Mr Toys DIY Photo Frame Drawing

    Mr Toys ultra-light sticky clay photo frame painting plasticine kindergarten birthday activity children's handmade Suitable age: 3 years old+ Because of its high ductility and plasticity, clay can be molded into various patterns and shapes, which can give children a lot of room for imagination. In the process from imaginary to real, fully develop their aesthetic feeling, imagination and creativity, so as to make children's thinking active, effectively promote the development of children's thinking ability and the improvement of intelligence level. For babies, they don't really realize that hands and feet are part of their body, nor can they understand the relationship between palms and fingers. Printing them on clay is not only interesting, but also helps babies deepen their understanding! After the date is engraved and dried, it can also be kept as a souvenir forever, which is also very meaningful. Kneading clay into concrete patterns is often the play of older children. When children are young, it is difficult to knead clay properly. But this does not prevent the use of clay games to exercise and develop children's fine motor skills and open the door to imagination. Clay has a lot of tactile stimulation, which satisfies the integration of touch and brain sensory, and increases the fine motor ability of hands. Operating clay can improve finger strength, flexibility and coordination, and help the ability to use pens in the future. Clay can be shaped freely, which can best stimulate children's beauty and creativity. Through the feeling of force such as clay pinching and pressing, children's pressure and emotions can be expressed. By repeatedly kneading the clay, control your own strength and exercise hand-eye coordination.
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    Space Sand Refill - 500gram weight per pack

    Color: Blue/Pink/Primary


    Space Sand Ingredients:

    Sea Sand + Beeswax No Odor No Harmful Chemicals No Staining Chemicals

    This space sand walker is sticky and does not fade, and has the safety certification of SGS, the world's largest product safety testing organization, in the CCC product safety testing report.


    Suitable for: 2 years old - 12 years old

    This is a groundbreaking puzzle game with no one set way to play.

    It can improve the flexibility/imagination and creativity of children's hand development. There are 5 colors for children to choose. Different colors can enrich different shapes.

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