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    Mr Toys Make Your Own Soap

    materials include:

    Soap Base / Glycerin / Safe Coloring / Cotton Rope / Fragrance / Abrasives / Stirring Stick


    With detailed instructions in the manual, children can easily complete it。

    Rich tools allow children to learn while playing。

    For example: The historical story of the origin of soap, to increase children's additional knowledge points。


    Suitable for: 5 years old - 12 years old

    Is your child like this: very curious, likes to touch everywhere, but refuses to wash his hands; he often eats without washing his hands, and does not pay attention to hygiene; he hates touching water, and runs away as soon as he is told to wash his hands Open... Failure to develop the habit of washing hands will have a great impact on the health of the child, so the baby does not like to wash hands, and there are many harms.

    There are too many hazards for children who don't like to wash their hands, such as conjunctivitis, hookworm disease, parasitic diseases, etc...


    So how to attract children to wash their hands in a seductive way? Choose soap, hand sanitizer and towels that children like. Use your child's favorite treat or toy as bait, and encourage your child to get them by washing their hands carefully. Have a hand washing competition with your children, supervise each other, and see who washes their hands the most carefully and cleanly.


    Now you can take your baby to the Genius Project Children's Handicraft Workshop, experience the newly upgraded children's handmade soap project, and let your baby fall in love with washing hands~


    This is a simple and interesting handmade soap making puzzle game. Children can make handmade gifts for their friends. Birthday gifts for elders in the family.

    This is an educational game that allows children to express their emotions. It is not only beautiful but also very practical. It allows children to use their own soap to wash their hands.

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