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mideerChildren's Assembled Wooden Multifunctional Building Blocks diyCreative construction toys steam puzzle enlightenment

Product parameters

  • Toy material: wooden
  • Applicable age: children(3-6岁)
  • Specification: 26.5*18*31.4
  • Packing: color box
  • 3Cconfiguration category: 14Wooden toys for children under the age of


RM 139.00
Picture of Mr Toys Kids Architect Farmyard Set

Mr Toys Kids Architect Farmyard Set

1. Real bricks and real tiles, simulated bricks and clay firing, real touch, strong and durable.

2.There are 167 bricks in total, meeting various building design needs!

3. Adhesive cement has strong viscosity, and it is combined with glutinous rice flour and fine sand, so children can play with confidence.

4. The bricks can be reused after disassembly and cleaning!

5. Understand space more intuitively, improve spatial imagination and three-dimensional structure

6. Detailed instruction manual

7. Unlimited creativity, ever-changing shapes. Water soluble and can be built many times

8.It is by no means a new material, but a real brick made of 1:1 clay


Suitable for: children over 5 years old


Benefits for children

During the construction process, children can learn how to communicate and negotiate with their partners to enhance the interaction between them, and express their ideas through words to improve their language ability. Building a series of games, children have a more three-dimensional thinking about space, and it is better to build it by themselves than to imagine.

RM 189.00
Picture of Mr Toys Children's Shadow Play Set

Mr Toys Children's Shadow Play Set

1. The accessories are separately packaged, exquisite in every part 2. Full-color storybook, a book is full of wonderful 3. Exquisite gift box packaging, suitable for gift giving 4. Graphic, text and video dual teaching, don't worry about not being able to play 5. Multiple people can play together, more interactive Suitable for: 6 years old - 12 years old Currently only Chinese version (Journey to the West story as the background) It can improve children's story creation in an interesting way, and it can also improve children's language ability. How can children create story content? It is the establishment of logical thinking that can make children more focused and absorbing in learning in the future. Children will draw inferences based on the things in the story, and they will deal with what happened in real life based on the story. So the content of the story is also very important. At the same time, cultivating children's ability to tell stories is to exercise children's logical thinking and language expression ability, and can exercise them how to describe a thing clearly in an orderly manner. For exercise, the easiest thing is to listen to more stories and tell the stories you have heard. If you want children to learn more focused, have richer imagination and stronger verbal ability, this is a very helpful choice of educational games
RM 229.00
Picture of Mr Toys Gold Hunter

Mr Toys Gold Hunter

Children's gold panning toy set panning ore shell hunter archaeological excavation crystal ore treasure gem blind box
RM 69.00
Picture of Mr Toys Monopoly Wildzoo Adventure

Mr Toys Monopoly Wildzoo Adventure

Mr Toys Kids Monopoly Fortune Adventure King Zoo Extra Large Game Suitable age: 6 years old+
RM 79.00


Complete tools, multiple grinding tools, rich shapes. Suitable for: 4 years old - 7 years old children Children's hand-made is to improve the overall comprehensive ability of children. It is not easy for children to complete a handmade work independently, because it cultivates the coordination and comprehensive ability of children's various abilities. Let the baby play games while using their hands and brains, which has played a real purpose of entertaining and entertaining. Let children learn, exercise and develop good abilities in their interests.
RM 39.00
Picture of Mideer 100pcs Archimedes building block accessories