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    Picture of Toi Board Game 6 In 1 The Little Experts Route Planning Game  Toi

    Toi Board Game 6 In 1 The Little Experts Route Planning Game Toi

    brand name:TOI

    TOITuyi Occupational Battle 6 in 1 Game Chess for Children Suitable For Age 3+ Baby Gift Baby Toy Kids Toy

    产Product parameters

    • Suitable age: 3-12 岁
    • Toy Type: Other Toys


    RM 169.00 RM 139.00
    Picture of Toi Tick-Tock Clock Board Game Toi

    Toi Tick-Tock Clock Board Game Toi

    brand name:TOI

    TOIMy Time Planning Board Games Educational Toys Board Games

    产Product parameters

    • Suitable age: 2-12 岁
    • Toy Type: Board Games


    RM 129.00 RM 109.00


    brand name:MiDeer

    mideerMilu Board Game Children's Fishing Expert Thinking Training

    product parameter

    • suitable age: 3-8 岁
    • Toy Type: Fishing Master



    RM 79.00 RM 59.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Monopoly Wildzoo Adventure

    Mr Toys Monopoly Wildzoo Adventure

    Mr Toys Kids Monopoly Fortune Adventure King Zoo Extra Large Game Suitable age: 6 years old+
    RM 79.00


    What are the benefits of children's pen control exercises? What is a good age to start? Don't let your kids miss out.


    For the little baby, we guide him to do pen control training. The purpose is not to let him write well at that time, but to exercise his fine hand movements so that the baby's hand and brain become more and more coordinated. Let the tacit understanding between him and the tool get higher and higher, so that when he actually writes later, he can control the tip of the pen well, and neat and beautiful characters will come out naturally.


    Maybe some parents missed their children's early pen control training because they are busy. It doesn't matter. Children will learn to write after elementary school. At this time, it is also useful to let children conduct pen control training based on textbook content.


    Especially when learning to write for the first time, there are too many points to pay attention to such as strokes, stroke order, radicals, and radicals, and it is easy for children to lose sight of others. For babies, the purpose of pen control training is not to write, but to exercise their fine hand movements and promote hand-brain coordination. Through a lot of repeated exercises to train muscle memory, improve the coordination of fingers and wrists, and lay the foundation for future standard writing.

    RM 29.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Children's DIY Crystal Glue

    Mr Toys Children's DIY Crystal Glue

    Crystal refrigerator magnets, rich and interesting gameplay, beautiful and practical Explore the mysteries of science and feel the fun of science. Product safety certification, children can play with confidence. Children's hand-made is to improve the overall comprehensive ability of children. It is not easy for children to complete a handmade work independently, because it cultivates the coordination and comprehensive ability of children's various abilities. Let the baby play games while using their hands and brains, which has played a real purpose of entertaining and entertaining. Let children learn, exercise and develop good abilities in their interests.
    RM 89.00
    Picture of Mr Toys 7 in 1 Multifunctional Game Chess
    Picture of Mr Toys Brain Little Memory Game Card