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    BRAND NAME:Mideer/

    mideerChildren's Assembled Wooden Multifunctional Building Blocks diyCreative construction toys steam puzzle enlightenment

    Product parameters

    • Toy material: wooden
    • Applicable age: children(3-6岁)
    • Specification: 26.5*18*31.4
    • Packing: color box
    • 3Cconfiguration category: 14Wooden toys for children under the age of


    RM 99.00
    Picture of Mideer Silky Professional Crayons 24pcs

    Mideer Silky Professional Crayons 24pcs

    brand name:Mideer/

    mideerSilky Crayon

    产Product parameters

    • Suitable age: 3-6 岁
    • Toy Type: Crayons



    RM 19.00


    brand name:Mideer/

    mideerBasic Picture Book

    产Product parameters

    • Suitable age: 3-12 岁
    • Toy type: Learning to draw/coloring book



    RM 29.00 RM 19.00
    Picture of Joan Miro Reusable Sticker Joan Miro

    Joan Miro Reusable Sticker Joan Miro

    brand name:Joan Miro

    joan miro Re-stickable children's sticker bookJoan Miro [Store Ready] Reusable Sticker Play Set - Repeatable stickers

    产 Product parameters

    • Suitable age: 2-5 岁
    • Toy Type: Children's Sticker Book



    RM 59.00 RM 39.00


    brand name:MiDeer

    mideerMilu Board Game Children's Fishing Expert Thinking Training

    product parameter

    • suitable age: 3-8 岁
    • Toy Type: Fishing Master



    RM 79.00 RM 59.00
    Picture of Avenir 3D Decoration Art

    Avenir 3D Decoration Art


    The Avenir 3D Decoration collection is a whole series of animal-based all decorations that are both fun to make, and which brighten up any home. Perfect as a gift, or to collect!


    Create your very own 3D decorations using the pre-cut cardboard puzzle pieces. Make a stylish wall decoration for your room!


    #EU testing

    #Safe and tasteless

    #Hands-on ability

    #Intellectual development


    How to do:

    1. Gently push out the card shapes for assembly

    2. Parts slot together to form a firm structure without glue

    3. Attach the decorative leaves using the provided glue dots from the sheet

    4. Tie the string and knot the end to secure

    5. Hand your 3D creation by the string loop


    RM 39.90



    A range of bright and bold sewing kits, available in 6 very cute and ever-popular animal designs - unicorn, llama, sloth, penguin, deer & alpaca.


    Children as young as six, and up to any age, can follow the simple instructions to make an adorable, good quality plush toy. These sewing kits are great for fine motor skill development and perfect for parent-child fun together. The instructions teach children a range of different sewing techniques.


    This range is a new generation of art and craft toys allowing children to express their creativity and artistic flair. The collection includes bright and bold sewing kits that foster a child’s creativity whilst having fun and experiencing the enjoyment of craft.


    Avenir’s adorable sewing box sets are a brilliant introduction to the world of sewing, featuring bright and cheery animals, brought to life with a little love and sewing. The gorgeous completed plush toys are of a high quality and are substantial enough for children to hug and play with.



    RM 99.00
    Picture of Avenir Silky Crayon 12 Color

    Avenir Silky Crayon 12 Color


    This Silky Crayon set from Avenir comes with 12 crayons and a fun forest themed poster to colour in.


    Fast-drying, washable and super smooth, the crayons produce silky smooth colours and come in twisty tubes, preventing mess and waste.


    You can use them as crayons, pastels or go over drawings with a wet brush to create a cool ‘watercolour’ effect! These gorgeous coloured crayons are perfectly safe for children aged over 3 years.

    Suitable for ages 3+.

    RM 59.00



    Avenir Pixelation Art is a super fun DIY creative activity that will keep kids entertained for hours! The poster is partly printed with brilliant colour and designs, making it easier to achieve a great work of art.


    All you need to do is simply match the small stickers with the correct numbered squares to complete the masterpiece. This craft activity is great fun for children to complete together and is ideal for occasions such as weddings, parties, rainy days and playtime.


    Age: 7yrs+

    Kit includes: giant poster banner and 1000+ EVA Stickers

    Poster size: 840mm x 285mm

    RM 49.00
    Picture of Avenir Scratch Joint Puppet

    Avenir Scratch Joint Puppet


    Create six jointed little bug & unicorn character puppets with this creative craft kit from Avenir that features fabulous contemporary designs and fun bright colours to discover.


    All you need to do is scratch away the black surface with the included scratch pen and use the included pins and fasteners to create adorable insect puppets to play with.


    Age: 5yrs+

    Kit includes: 6x scratch sheets, colouring sheets, pins and fasteners

    RM 69.00
    Picture of Avenir Origami

    Avenir Origami


    Avenir Origami is an amazing collection, not only of origami art, but also combining it with favourite kid’s themes too!


    Each origami kit includes 40 amazing double-sided folding sheets, 2 cardboard pieces, a big poster of themed activities and a detailed instruction booklet.


    Use the folding lines printed on the colourful paper sheets and the step-by-step instruction booklet to make origami art easy! Helps develop hands-on ability and creativity.


    Express yourself in creative and imaginative ways with Avenir Origami Fun!

    RM 59.00
    Picture of Avenir Scratch

    Avenir Scratch


    A fun scratch activity kit for kids to make beautiful, flower-themed bouquets. With scratch sheets, pipe cleaners (fuzzy sticks), wrapping paper and ribbon included, by following step-by-step instructions, kids can easily create a completely personalized pretty bouquet.


    Send your finished bouquets to friends and family with your best wishes!


    Use packaging as play surfaces - No Mess!

    Helps develop fine motor skills.

    Send greetings and friendship to your loved ones.


    Also available in other gorgeously themed bouquet kits:

    Cupcake bouquet kit

    Kitty bouquet kit

    RM 39.00
    Picture of Feelo 186pcs Wonderful Animal Journey

    Feelo 186pcs Wonderful Animal Journey

    RM 229.00 RM 189.00
    Picture of  Feelo Multifunctional Building Block Table Set

    Feelo Multifunctional Building Block Table Set

    Product Name:Fei Le(FEELO)Building Table Large and Small Particles Assembling Building Blocks Assembling Children's Toys Baby Early Education Qizhi Heightening Learning Gaming Table Chair Boys and Girls Birthday Gift Large Particle Building Table. Applicable Age:6-12Months,13-18Months,19Months-2Years Old,3-6Years Old Gross Weight of Goods:6.0kg
    RM 269.00 RM 39.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Kids Play Sand Set

    Mr Toys Kids Play Sand Set


    These play sand toys are made of eco-friendly plastic, rubber and space sand, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

    Sand toys kit for kids is highly durable and reusable, non-sticky and never dries out! Kids can grasp, pinch, knead and mould the sand.​ Foldable sand table and box for easy set-up, clean up, carry and store.



    This awesome play sand for kids minimize ​play with electronics time, greatly boost your kiddos imagination, coordination, concentration, color recognition and creative possibilities, so it is a wonderful learning sand toys.



    Perfect for birthday gift, seasonal and party favors. Sand beach toys kit is an ideal gift set for developing kids' critical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

    RM 179.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Aqua Fairy

    Mr Toys Aqua Fairy

    1. Food-grade sodium alginate material, rest assured that the material will not hurt your hands 2. Creative color matching, various ways to play 3. Detailed instruction manual, children can complete it independently 4: It has a safety material inspection report, and the children are happy to play, and Mommy and Dad are very relieved Suitable for: 4 years old - 7 years old Easy and interesting handicrafts, this is a handicraft that enhances children's creativity, and the completed works can also be placed in the water for sensory cognitive learning and color matching, enhancing children's sensitivity to colors. You can experience interesting parent-child interaction with your children at home on weekends.
    RM 59.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Make Your Own Soap

    Mr Toys Make Your Own Soap

    materials include:

    Soap Base / Glycerin / Safe Coloring / Cotton Rope / Fragrance / Abrasives / Stirring Stick


    With detailed instructions in the manual, children can easily complete it。

    Rich tools allow children to learn while playing。

    For example: The historical story of the origin of soap, to increase children's additional knowledge points。


    Suitable for: 5 years old - 12 years old

    Is your child like this: very curious, likes to touch everywhere, but refuses to wash his hands; he often eats without washing his hands, and does not pay attention to hygiene; he hates touching water, and runs away as soon as he is told to wash his hands Open... Failure to develop the habit of washing hands will have a great impact on the health of the child, so the baby does not like to wash hands, and there are many harms.

    There are too many hazards for children who don't like to wash their hands, such as conjunctivitis, hookworm disease, parasitic diseases, etc...


    So how to attract children to wash their hands in a seductive way? Choose soap, hand sanitizer and towels that children like. Use your child's favorite treat or toy as bait, and encourage your child to get them by washing their hands carefully. Have a hand washing competition with your children, supervise each other, and see who washes their hands the most carefully and cleanly.


    Now you can take your baby to the Genius Project Children's Handicraft Workshop, experience the newly upgraded children's handmade soap project, and let your baby fall in love with washing hands~


    This is a simple and interesting handmade soap making puzzle game. Children can make handmade gifts for their friends. Birthday gifts for elders in the family.

    This is an educational game that allows children to express their emotions. It is not only beautiful but also very practical. It allows children to use their own soap to wash their hands.

    RM 69.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Magic Sand 500g

    Mr Toys Magic Sand 500g

    Space Sand Refill - 500gram weight per pack

    Color: Blue/Pink/Yellow/Green/Primary


    Space Sand Ingredients:

    Sea Sand + Beeswax No Odor No Harmful Chemicals No Staining Chemicals

    This space sand walker is sticky and does not fade, and has the safety certification of SGS, the world's largest product safety testing organization, in the CCC product safety testing report.


    Suitable for: 2 years old - 12 years old

    This is a groundbreaking puzzle game with no one set way to play.

    It can improve the flexibility/imagination and creativity of children's hand development. There are 5 colors for children to choose. Different colors can enrich different shapes.

    RM 29.90
    Picture of (Starter Edition)Mr Toys DIY Creative Art Crafts

    (Starter Edition)Mr Toys DIY Creative Art Crafts

    Mr Toys Kindergarten Creative Art Children DIY Handmade Works - Basic Class 16 rich themes are individually packaged, with advanced upgrades, making it fun for children to enjoy art handicrafts. Harvard University has an educational innovation project called Project Zero. This project has been working hard to study how thinking styles affect children's learning, and how to teach children to have the most advanced thinking styles. The project of Harvard University listed "Artful thinking" as the way of thinking that children need most, and clearly pointed out that artistic thinking can make children smarter. What is ''Artistic Thinking''? ''Artistic thinking'' refers to: in the process of artistic creation, through complex arguments, the way of thinking is composed of imagination and association, inspiration and intuition, rationality and emotion, consciousness and unconsciousness, image thinking and abstract thinking. They infiltrate and influence each other to form artistic thinking together. The benefits of cultivating ''artistic thinking'' on children's growth 1. Artistic thinking allows children to use creativity to solve problems 2. Artistic thinking can improve children's learning ability 3. Art can improve children's expressive ability 16 interesting themes, advanced improvement, cultivate children's artistic cells Suitable for: 3 years old - 5 years old children Safe material, learning while playing.
    RM 109.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Sand Painting Art Box

    Mr Toys Sand Painting Art Box

    Children's sand painting uses colored sand or colored ink, stickers and other items, so how to play children's sand painting? First of all, prepare the sand painting pattern and the finished product pattern, and then ask the children to paint the sand of the corresponding color according to the pattern, so that the sand painting is completed. Sand painting does not require water. Sand painting, as the name suggests, is to use sand to make paintings. First, there is a self-adhesive template with a pattern drawn. Each part on it indicates that the knife has carved the outline in advance. The painter only needs to use a toothpick to gently lift each part when painting, and then paint the favorite color sand poured on it. With bright lines and soft colors, the works present the profound thoughts contained in art as a popular aesthetic feeling, which has a great visual impact and achieves the perfect combination of unique artistic concepts and viewing effects. Dynamic sand painting is not required. If it is an ordinary children's sand painting, you can add glue and mix it with sand. Children's sand painting can improve children's hands-on ability, imagination, exert their creativity, enrich children's knowledge, and let children have a happy childhood.
    RM 79.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Gold Hunter

    Mr Toys Gold Hunter

    Children's gold panning toy set panning ore shell hunter archaeological excavation crystal ore treasure gem blind box
    RM 69.00
    Picture of (Primary Edition)Mr Toys 78 STEAM Science Experiments

    (Primary Edition)Mr Toys 78 STEAM Science Experiments

    Mr. Toys Kids Steam Science Experiment Set - 62 Experiments Intermediate Science Experiments Sciences such as chemistry and physics are closely related to human life. For example, chemistry is like a magician who skillfully combines more than 100 chemical elements to form a beautiful and magical world. Various vivid chemical phenomena in chemical experiments can bring strong sensory stimulation to children, and can even stimulate children's interest and curiosity in exploring the scientific world. Interesting chemical experiments are expected to be an effective way to lead children into the scientific world. Contains product safety inspection certification, children can enjoy chemical experiments at home and bring interesting mysteries of chemical experiments, learning while playing.
    RM 119.00
    Picture of (Upgraded Version)Mr Toys 28pcs Physics Experiment Kits

    (Upgraded Version)Mr Toys 28pcs Physics Experiment Kits

    Mr Toys Children's Steam Science Experiment Kit - 28 Physics Experiment Kits Applicable age: 6 years old - 12 years old Give kids physics knowledge with daily games Kids naturally love physics because it's endlessly fascinating, accessible, relevant, and fun. Learn about physics and how it can be incorporated into your child's everyday learning. When you think of physics, you might picture a professor or scientist calculating complex formulas, or scribbling notes on paper, but at its most basic level, physics is a subject that will forever fascinate, understand and teach children. related disciplines. teach kids physics Children are natural physicists. When they jump off a play device, dangle from a tree, or topple a block structure, they learn about the world through play. Add some simple physical activities and you can enrich your child's learning, especially when you use the following teaching methods to learn: Be genuinely curious. Ask questions, find interesting problems to solve. Avoid dry, lengthy explanations. Find out what your child knows and wants to know. Use simple, everyday materials and relevant experiences. Contains product safety testing and certification, keep children's enthusiasm for learning from the Steam physics experiment box
    RM 169.00


    Mr Toys Children's Handmade DIY Material Pack - Music Box Set Because of its high ductility and plasticity, clay can be molded into various patterns and shapes, which can give children a lot of room for imagination. In the process from imaginary to real, fully develop their aesthetic feeling, imagination and creativity, so as to make children's thinking active, effectively promote the development of children's thinking ability and the improvement of intelligence level. For babies, they don't really realize that hands and feet are part of their body, nor can they understand the relationship between palms and fingers. Printing them on clay is not only interesting, but also helps babies deepen their understanding! After the date is engraved and dried, it can also be kept as a souvenir forever, which is also very meaningful. Kneading clay into concrete patterns is often the play of older children. When children are young, it is difficult to knead clay properly. But this does not prevent the use of clay games to exercise and develop children's fine motor skills and open the door to imagination. Clay has a lot of tactile stimulation, which satisfies the integration of touch and brain sensory, and increases the fine motor ability of hands. Operating clay can improve finger strength, flexibility and coordination, and help the ability to use pens in the future. Clay can be shaped freely, which can best stimulate children's beauty and creativity. Through the feeling of force such as clay pinching and pressing, children's pressure and emotions can be expressed. By repeatedly kneading the clay, control your own strength and exercise hand-eye coordination. Safety product certification, not only fun to play but also can be made into a music box.
    RM 59.00