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    BRAND NAME:Mideer/

    mideerChildren's Assembled Wooden Multifunctional Building Blocks diyCreative construction toys steam puzzle enlightenment

    Product parameters

    • Toy material: wooden
    • Applicable age: children(3-6岁)
    • Specification: 26.5*18*31.4
    • Packing: color box
    • 3Cconfiguration category: 14Wooden toys for children under the age of


    RM 139.00
    Picture of Mideer Finger Paint 弥鹿手指画

    Mideer Finger Paint 弥鹿手指画




    • 适用年龄: 4-12 岁
    • 玩具类型: 8色手指画



    RM 79.00 RM 45.90
    Picture of Toi Board Game 6 In 1 The Little Experts Route Planning Game  Toi

    Toi Board Game 6 In 1 The Little Experts Route Planning Game Toi

    brand name:TOI

    TOITuyi Occupational Battle 6 in 1 Game Chess for Children Suitable For Age 3+ Baby Gift Baby Toy Kids Toy

    产Product parameters

    • Suitable age: 3-12 岁
    • Toy Type: Other Toys


    RM 169.00 RM 139.00
    Picture of Mideer A Day In The Forest Puzzle 150 Pcs

    Mideer A Day In The Forest Puzzle 150 Pcs

    brand name:MiDeer

    mideer Milu forest adventure jigsaw puzzle for children

    product parameter

    • suitable age: 5-12 岁
    • Toy Type: Ordinary Puzzles



    RM 89.00 RM 69.00
    Picture of Mideer 528 Pieces Sunset Carnival Puzzle

    Mideer 528 Pieces Sunset Carnival Puzzle

    brand name:Mideer

    Mideer弥鹿益智玩具528pPaper Advanced Challenge Puzzle Banquet in the Forest Recommended as a gift



    RM 69.00
    Picture of Avenir 3D Room Decoration

    Avenir 3D Room Decoration


    The Avenir 3D Decoration collection is a whole series of animal-based all decorations that are both fun to make, and which brighten up any home. Perfect as a gift, or to collect!


    Create your very own 3D decorations using the pre-cut cardboard puzzle pieces. Make a stylish wall decoration for your room!


    #EU testing

    #Safe and tasteless

    #Hands-on ability

    #Intellectual development


    How to do:

    1. Gently push out the card shapes for assembly

    2. Parts slot together to form a firm structure without glue

    3. Attach the decorative leaves using the provided glue dots from the sheet

    4. Tie the string and knot the end to secure

    5. Hand your 3D creation by the string loop


    RM 39.00
    Picture of Avenir Loopie Fun Plush Bag

    Avenir Loopie Fun Plush Bag

    Brand: Avenir

    Check out this Loopie Fun kit - kids can make an adorable bag for daily use by simply pulling out the loops!


    With this Set children can make their own plush bag with Loopies. The kit includes felt, thick soft yarn, crochet hook and step by step instructions. Follow the instructions and make the adorable fox bag using simple sewing techniques and pulling out loops.


    There are five more Loopie Fun sets to explore: Bear, Fox & Bunny


    #Have fun sewing your bunny bag

    #Children can make their own plush bag wtih Loopies

    #Learn easy to sew toys with perforated and super soft fabric guides

    #Perfect for the development of fine motor skills.

    #A great sewing kit for craft loving children to enjoy

    #Skill Level: Beginner



    RM 99.90



    A range of bright and bold sewing kits, available in 6 very cute and ever-popular animal designs - unicorn, llama, sloth, penguin, deer & alpaca.


    Children as young as six, and up to any age, can follow the simple instructions to make an adorable, good quality plush toy. These sewing kits are great for fine motor skill development and perfect for parent-child fun together. The instructions teach children a range of different sewing techniques.


    This range is a new generation of art and craft toys allowing children to express their creativity and artistic flair. The collection includes bright and bold sewing kits that foster a child’s creativity whilst having fun and experiencing the enjoyment of craft.


    Avenir’s adorable sewing box sets are a brilliant introduction to the world of sewing, featuring bright and cheery animals, brought to life with a little love and sewing. The gorgeous completed plush toys are of a high quality and are substantial enough for children to hug and play with.



    RM 99.00
    Picture of Avenir Silky Crayon 12 Color

    Avenir Silky Crayon 12 Color


    This Silky Crayon set from Avenir comes with 12 crayons and a fun forest themed poster to colour in.


    Fast-drying, washable and super smooth, the crayons produce silky smooth colours and come in twisty tubes, preventing mess and waste.


    You can use them as crayons, pastels or go over drawings with a wet brush to create a cool ‘watercolour’ effect! These gorgeous coloured crayons are perfectly safe for children aged over 3 years.

    Suitable for ages 3+.

    RM 59.00



    Avenir Pixelation Art is a super fun DIY creative activity that will keep kids entertained for hours! The poster is partly printed with brilliant colour and designs, making it easier to achieve a great work of art.


    All you need to do is simply match the small stickers with the correct numbered squares to complete the masterpiece. This craft activity is great fun for children to complete together and is ideal for occasions such as weddings, parties, rainy days and playtime.


    Age: 7yrs+

    Kit includes: giant poster banner and 1000+ EVA Stickers

    Poster size: 840mm x 285mm

    RM 69.00
    Picture of Avenir Scratch Joint Puppet

    Avenir Scratch Joint Puppet


    Create six jointed little bug & unicorn character puppets with this creative craft kit from Avenir that features fabulous contemporary designs and fun bright colours to discover.


    All you need to do is scratch away the black surface with the included scratch pen and use the included pins and fasteners to create adorable insect puppets to play with.


    Age: 5yrs+

    Kit includes: 6x scratch sheets, colouring sheets, pins and fasteners

    RM 69.00
    Picture of Avenir Scratch

    Avenir Scratch


    A fun scratch activity kit for kids to make beautiful, flower-themed bouquets. With scratch sheets, pipe cleaners (fuzzy sticks), wrapping paper and ribbon included, by following step-by-step instructions, kids can easily create a completely personalized pretty bouquet.


    Send your finished bouquets to friends and family with your best wishes!


    Use packaging as play surfaces - No Mess!

    Helps develop fine motor skills.

    Send greetings and friendship to your loved ones.


    Also available in other gorgeously themed bouquet kits:

    Cupcake bouquet kit

    Kitty bouquet kit

    RM 39.00
    Picture of Mr Toys Children's Shadow Play Set

    Mr Toys Children's Shadow Play Set

    1. The accessories are separately packaged, exquisite in every part 2. Full-color storybook, a book is full of wonderful 3. Exquisite gift box packaging, suitable for gift giving 4. Graphic, text and video dual teaching, don't worry about not being able to play 5. Multiple people can play together, more interactive Suitable for: 6 years old - 12 years old Currently only Chinese version (Journey to the West story as the background) It can improve children's story creation in an interesting way, and it can also improve children's language ability. How can children create story content? It is the establishment of logical thinking that can make children more focused and absorbing in learning in the future. Children will draw inferences based on the things in the story, and they will deal with what happened in real life based on the story. So the content of the story is also very important. At the same time, cultivating children's ability to tell stories is to exercise children's logical thinking and language expression ability, and can exercise them how to describe a thing clearly in an orderly manner. For exercise, the easiest thing is to listen to more stories and tell the stories you have heard. If you want children to learn more focused, have richer imagination and stronger verbal ability, this is a very helpful choice of educational games
    RM 229.00



    No needle required!


    Young children can now develop their sewing and stitching skills whilst having fun! The thick lacing thread and big holes makes the stitching process easier for smaller hands. This kit contains 3 adorable themed characters, together with pre-cut felt sheets, felt deco stickers, plastic eyes, cotton stuffing and coloured string laces.



    Encourage fine motor skills with this lacing kit.

    Includes items needed to make 3 stuffed characters.

    Develop hand-eye coordination and attention skills.


    Suitable for ages 3 years+

    RM 59.00
    Picture of AVENIR DIY SEWING


    RM 69.00